How To Find A Trustworthy Electrical Contractor?

Find A Trustworthy Contractor

Finishing a basement, can be a really scaring and yet exciting project! You will find yourself bombarded with lots of questions. Do you hire a company to handle it all? Do you act like a General Contractor (G.C.) who hires the different tradesmen to complete each trade? Where do you start?  How do you find good contractors to deal with?

First, you can go to website dealing with Department of Regulatory Agencies (Dora). Look up Colorado Licensed Professional or Business at
This will verify the business and their rating.

Second, you can call your building city department office; for example, Loveland Building Division. Give them the business name and verify if the business is “in good standing” with the city and if there is any complaints against the business.

Third, you can go to Better Business Bureau at Click on check out a business or charity, then enter the business name. You then can verify if the business has any complaints and what is their rating with BBB.

Fourth, good online and Google “business name______  reviews“. Appearing after the search is a list of websites about that business. You should then see reviews that customers put either under Google Places, Google Plus, Yelp, Yahoo, Yellow Pages… Read all you can to see what others have experienced. The bummer part about the customers’ reviews is customers are quicker to write negative posts than positive posts. As a business owner, please remember to also write positive posts on a company too and give us honest feedback!

Now that you have research who you are hiring, you get to experience the project starting.

What Is The Company’s Electrical Job Experience?

The customer had wired his own basement in Loveland. The problem with it was the rough inspection with the City of Loveland was not passing.  Peterson Electric, LLC was asked by the client to re-do the Rough-In electrical for his basement. The client was adding 2 bedrooms, bathroom and a living room. Peterson Electric, LLC finished the job and passed the electrical inspection. The owner was then able to proceed to finish the basement and then obtain the final basement permit.

Keep Peterson Electric, LLC in mind for your basement finishes or house remodels. We know what our inspectors want! We wire to the standards of the most current electrical codes for the National Electrical Code (NEC) for 2011. We wire, so the you can sleep at night and years later an issue doesn’t arise! Integrity, thoroughness and black and white describe our company standards!