We bill the same day for work; please have payment ready. While we do accept all major credit cards, we prefer local checks.

If we haven’t done business with you in the past and you aren’t able to meet us that day with a payment, a credit card is required. We may run the credit card for $25 to $50 for the scheduling and trip fee to test the credit card. We expect customers that are out of state or country to send an email with their approval to charge them through our processor, Square.

Before scheduled service call, all property owners need to provide credit charge up front for billing purposes. This does not include property management companies that we have a relationship with. If the owner wants us to bill tenant, then we need to get tenant’s credit card before hand. Otherwise, electrical services will not be provided.

If we are not contacted within 30 days from the date of the electrical services to discuss payment that is owed, then we will proceed to collections. If a customer does not make payment for our electrical services provided by Peterson Electric, LLC, then all fees for all lawyers on both sides, collections costs, and court fees that are acquired to collect this payment will be customer’s responsibility to pay to Peterson Electric, LLC.

If you have a financial hardship, then we need to know this beforehand, so we do not provide any services until you are financially prepared.

Scheduling/Rescheduling/Cancelation Fees/No Show Fees:

Whoever we meet MUST be over 21 years old.

We understand that little ones need their nap time. We also understand that children may need to be dropped off or picked up from school. Please let us know AHEAD OF TIME when scheduling the service call, so we don’t have a conflict with a scheduled appointment.

Typically, we have a 2 to 3-hour window to arrive. We will text you to confirm the day of service when we are approximately 15 to 45 minutes out. You need to be on premises at the property during that window, not responding to us 20 minutes later that you are on your way. You might miss our window. If an appointment is missed, a $75 service charge will be billed to you.

If you cancel less than 48-hours and you do not call us, then there is a $75 charge for the loss of our 2 to 4-hour window for your service call. If you cancel while you are booked on our schedule for that day or are driving out to your property, there is $100 charge.

ER: If you have to cancel or reschedule due to an Emergency (sickness, death or an accident) we understand, but need notification as soon as possible. Please try to give us a 48-hours heads up. You need to call us and text us. It is your responsibility to get ahold of us.

Tenant Cancellations:

If tenant cancels or “no shows,” the property owner is responsible and will be billed a $75 service charge.

Property Owners’ Work Orders:

The tenant can not schedule service calls. We need an email from property owner requesting us to complete service at their property.

Pet Policy:

Pets need to be secured. If they are aggressive or scared, then please have them put outside or in their kennel. If pets bit or attack us, then we reserve the right to turn it into the human society. If you feel they are good with strangers and won’t run out the door, then we would rather meet them, give them a treat rather than them barking at us in a kennel for the duration of the service call.

Personal Belongings:

Tenants’ and owners’ belongings need to be moved our of the work area. Many of our customers have items that have sentimental value and cannot be replaced. We’d hate for anything to happen to them. Moving any items that could be damaged or broken simply eliminates the possibility of problems arising. Please, have all personal valuables out of the way.

Our Shoe Policy:

Our shoe policy is to take care of your property. However, it’s important to understand that we wire, test, and trace electrical circuits “hot.” Our shoes insulate us from many electrical hazards. Unfortunately, the cloth booties are a hazard for us to wear, due to the static when walking on the carpet, either when the carpet is new or have with soap residue or animal hair. No shoes are a health hazard to us. Please ask us; we will be more than happy to check our shoes upon entering your residence.

Power Outage & Electronics:

During your scheduled service call or remodel, we may have to turn off power to find the electrical problem. We have noticed over the past two decades that with 90% of the calls we receive the breakers are typically mislabeled. Customers are responsible for turning off all their electronics, unplug computers, or disconnect electronics sensitive to power surges.


Peterson Electric, LLC services anyone. We are not biased against anyone’s, origin, sex, religion or lack thereof, ethnic background or social status. WE do have the right refuse who we do not want to service. We may refuse service if someone becomes aggressive, rude, or unprofessional.

Clean Up:

We will clean up our debris and mess after we are finished. Please give us a chance to clean up. We will be more than happy to give you a chance to clean up any extra items; for example, under the stove or fridge.


If we are stood up for a free estimate, other than an emergency, we reserve the right to not return to the house or answer a phone call.

We do Free estimates based on the concern or need, some items that people call about are NOT free estimates. We do not diagnose for free. We do not share ideas, electrical codes or how to do the job on a free estimate. We do not bid against unlicensed or nonprofessional handymen for work, only like for like, licensed electricians.

Some jobs have to have a print design and permits. We may refuse to come out for an estimate if some items necessary for us to complete our job are not in place. WE do not offer multiple visits for free estimates, all decision makers need present and on time for us to bid the job.