Home Automation in Fort Collins

Turn your home into a 21st Century “Jetsons” Paradise with the Lutron Caséta Home Automation system! Peterson Electric, LLC can set up and install this amazing Home Automation system right in your home. This system is an energy-saving system and provides peace of mind. Whether you’d forgot and left the lights on, or just want to reduce the cost of your utilities while you’re not at home, Lutron Caséta can help. You might now be aware, but lighting can be 20% of a household’s yearly electric usage and 40% of a commercial building yearly usage. Imagine the cost savings of simply reducing your usage of electricity all from your smart phone. Want to learn more? Take less than 2-minutes to watch this video:

Prefer to use your apple watch or android gear? We’ve got that covered too. This system can also add enhance your experience as a homeowner by turning on your lights on before you enter the house! Lutron Caséta is compatible with the latest in wearable technology:


Caséta is an affordable clear connect wireless, total home control system that can be installed in nearly every type home. It is an energy-saving system allowing the customer to adjust the their lights and temperatures in one room or throughout the whole home from the convenience of their smart phone.


The “smart home” or the Grafik Eye Lutron that has been available for years was available, but only the wealthy could afford it in their mansions. The common person could not or wouldn’t put it in his or her home. Lutron has made this system more affordable to many other homeowners. For example, a loft in downtown area or a personal home wanting the ability to control the system from his or her ipad, computer or smart phone.

Peterson Electric, LLC is excited to offer this new state of the art system to our customers! We are looking taking electricity to a new level with technology. As generations of customers become more technologically advanced, we will see the demand of this in the market more and more.

Why We’re So Confident

I bet you’re thinking, “yeah, they’re just trying to up-sell a home automation product.” The fact is that we truly stand behind this phenomenal product. We’re so confident in the quality of the Caséta Home Automation product that we’ve installed it in our own home! We simply love the way the Lutron Caséta Home Automation system has allowed us to provide electrical services in Northern Colorado while managing our own lives wherever we have WiFi or a data connection. Talk about convenience at its finest!

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