How Do You Save Money On Energy?

How can you save money on energy consumed? Just call us, if you want us to evaluate your energy consumption on what you can do. As electricians serving Loveland to Denver, we want to help you save your energy being wasted.

Here are some quick and cost effective steps to cut our energy consumption done. Keep in mind, when you have are trying to save energy, some items are going to be a bigger investment up front, but will pay off in the long run, as long as you buy quality products.

Simple Tips:

  1. Turning off lights.
  2. Un-plug appliances that consume energy all the time that you are not using all the time.
  3. Program your thermostat for AC or heat to lower temperatures at night or when you are not around.
  4. Limit use space heater units that you plug into a wall. They usually are 1,500 watts.
  5. Do not have a water bed with a heater.
  6. Install controlled light switches to turn off lights for you, call us about Home Automation System in your home.
  7. Have local power provider install a demand energy efficient control box. This controls how energy you consume with your AC unit.
  8. We can install a keyless wireless switch outlet devices, so that when you are walking it turns off all your small appliances, like computer, printer, receiver…apart of Home Automation System.
  9. Make sure you have a good hot tub cover or it will waste energy buy turning on to keep heating it.
  10. Put second fridge in baseboard than in garage. It is more efficient when in a climate controlled environment.
  11. Replace gaskets on doors.
  12. Make sure windows either have weather-proof shades or blinds and good seals.

These below items can be more expensive to replace:

  1. Buy LED bulbs for the lighting in your home.
  2. Buy LED Christmas lights.
  3. Replace appliances with energy efficient; fridge, stove, washer, dryer, printer…
  4. Replace baseboard heater and thermostats if old. They become less efficient as they age.

With all these tips, you can help your home to be more energy efficient. Please contact us, if we can be of any help to you!