City of Loveland Residents Recyclebank Program

How would you like to earn some rewards for something you maybe already doing, which is recycling?

The City of Loveland is offering a Recyclebank Program to earn reward points, like a frequent flyer program for recycling. The free program starts in July, but you have to sign up. Discounts or a free meal are earned. The more you recycle the more you earn and the greater the rewards from local and national restaurants and a variety of stores.

How it works is after pickups on the route are completed, then the truck is weighed. The recycle content are divided by the number households that are signed up for the free program.

The program offers a win-win for the residents. The community is reducing the landfill waste and pushing the city’s conservation ratings higher. ┬áThe households participating in the Recyclebank Program will be taking responsibility to reduce waste in landfill and maybe also be rewarded with $100.00 every year.

Some examples of the rewards, stated by City of Loveland are:

  • Free Latte at McDonalds
  • Bogo entree at Ruby Tuesdays
  • 20% off at Macy’s
  • 20% off at Dick Sporting Goods
  • 33% off at Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Gift cards from Best Buy, Amazon, Applebee’s & etc.
  • Discounts and deals at local businesses
  • Misc. other rewards

You can sign up and get more details at