How Do You Get Electrical Power For Signs In Fort Collins Residents?

There Appears To Be Electrical Power To Signs?

If there appears to be electrical power, do not assume until you can verify it. As electricians serving Fort Collins can creatively help you access the electrical situation like we did in the following situation.

Last month, Peterson Electric LLC, was called by All Property Services, a property manager, to check power to signs for the condo subdivision in Fort Collins. Looking at the end of the wire run to the sign was different wires that what was ran to the panel. Puzzling? As we investigated the second sign, wires pulled out of the conduit in the ground to the sign.Puzzling? Where do we start? What is the fastest and most cost effective way to fix the electrical power problem? Do we spend time bidding this project and the Board not approve it?

How To Diagnose And Provide An Electrical Solution?

This is how we can help you. To diagnose why there was no power and where the wires ran to, we had to rent a special meter to figure the mystery underground. We located the wires to the signs and discovered one side was cut by a cement saw that installed a plastic grate between two sidewalks to allow the drains to not overflow onto the side-walks. The other side was located about 260′ away and runs to a pole light, we had to drop the pole light and saw that a wire was disconnected. This was the power that ran out to the sign. The mysteries were solved. We repaired and tested. Now soon, we are ready to wire up the signs for the Home Owners Association (HOA).

As electricians in Fort Collins, Colorado this is one of the harder jobs to figure out for a property management company. Trenching a new trench at 18″-24″ deep was not an easy option. Sprinkler systems would have been damaged and not including all the public utilities run through there and dealing with the frozen hard ground. Due to the meter, we didn’t have to fix the power through trenching, but were able to use that meter to find the problem area to address it. We were also able to save the HOA lots of expenses to fix the electrical power problem to the signs!