What Is An Ideal Customer and Electrical Contractor Relationship?

Electrical Contractor Relationship

These are some scenarios that build a relationship with you, as our customer.

Have you ever hired someone for work and clear communication wasn’t the case, so therefore the project was not going as you thought?

  • Peterson Electric, LLC works very hard at clear communication of what customers’ electrical needs and expectations for your project.

Have you ever been really impatience with a project and it didn’t turn out?

  • Peterson Electric, LLC explains the details of how the process of  a project will go with your electrical company. Patience on the process of the project can be difficult if you aren’t aware of the steps.

Have you ever hired a professional in a trade and you didn’t do the research on the company and it turned out bad?

  • Peterson Electric, LLC has built a trustworthy name as electricians. Check us out on our website, online reviews

Have you ever worked and not been paid? Do you go to the grocery store and not pay for your groceries?

  • Peterson Electric, LLC completes our work and collects prompt payment for electrical service received. We appreciate you, our electrical customers, who value our work.

Have you ever been somewhere and been so thirsty and wasn’t offered something to drink?

  • Peterson Electric, LLC enjoys you, who are so courteous to offer us something to drink.

Have you ever been working and your boss is right over your shoulder?

  • Peterson Electric, LLC appreciates you, who trust us in your home.

Have you ever made an appointment to find out that the other person totally forgot the appointment?

  • Peterson Electric, LLC has been successful at offering our customers clear communication on appointments, call ahead reminders the day before and 30 minutes before arrival. We have never not showed up for your appointment!

Have you ever tried to do a project without the right tools or at least tools to make it easier?

  • Peterson Electric, LLLC uses technology by text, emailing and sending pictures. It allows us to complete your electrical project faster, simpler and more efficient!

Have you ever not understood what someone is doing and he or she proceeds without explaining it?

  • Peterson Electric, LLC offers thorough explanations when we are give an estimate to possibly be hired as your electrician. We are grateful for our customers that realize the details of what we do and then hire us.

These are situations that we encounter and solutions we offer to our customers! Call us to help with your electrical solutions!