How Do You Save Energy With Home Automation?

Saving Energy With Home Automation Lighting System

How is this possible, well? Imagine being able to manage your lights, thermostat and window blinds from your phone, ipad or computer. Did you know that there is apps, you can get on your Samsung Galaxy Phone or your Iphone or Ipad to control your home automation system, after you have home automation installed in your home?

Why Would I Want This Automation System?

Say you forgot or can’t remember if you turned down your thermostat, when you left for a vacation? Or you are running out the door to fast and forgot to turn your lights off…? Amazing enough in your pocket or purse is a device that controls it when you are not even present at your house! How cool would that be, to be able to manage your electricity usage to save energy and not being home.

Office Automation

Let’s not limit it to your home, but  also think about your office building and what are the possibilities with saving energy with an automation system.

Lutron is the leading company in making these systems possible. In 2011, Lutron Quantum Total Light Management was installed in the LEED Gold Certification NC2.2. What kind of building, this is Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania. This company is “committed to sustainability and energy savings in its facilities”, says Lutron. An award for 1st place national honors in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2011 Energy Star Challenge was awarded for this system being installed in the building. What does this mean?  Lutron and BFTP work together to reduce lighting electricity and demand of HVAC systems. Lutron is very creditable in the world of technology. There system is obviously well accredited. To read more, click on this link Case Study: Ben Franklin Technology Partners. 

If you would like to consider home automation in your home or office. Please contact us, we would be glad to assist you in this process.