Electrical Power Can Be Added For A Washer & Dryer In 1950s Home

There Was No Power To Have A Washer & Dryer In 1950s Home, What Do I Do?

In Denver, CO, the house is a 1950s home. The compliant was there was never a washer and dryer. Wow, can you imagine having a house without a washer & dryer? I sure can’t. That would be really inconvenient for our family. We were able to change this situation for a customer.

What Were The Steps To Install New Circuit From Panel For Washer & Dryer?

We installed a new circuit to where the washer & dryer is going to be hooked up to by piping metal conduit on the outside of the house. We also had to go through 14 inch brick wall, so we had to drill through it. We flexed it, which protected the wires, in over the mud sink. National Electrical Code states that you have to have protective GFCI within 5 foot. We put our 240 volt outlet in. The washer has a “L” shape neutral. It is 4 prong 30 amp. We check our continuity test to make sure we bonded both boxes through the panel to the Earth. This prevents from electrocution! We¬†installed two pole 30amp breaker, put a tandem breaker in to make space for the washer 20 amp. Because we were able to create space in the electrical panel by these special breakers, we didn’t have to set another panel. ¬†This kept the cost down for the customer.

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