Why Is My Doorbell Not Working?

Have You Ever Had Your Day Interrupted By An Electrical Problem?

As an electrician, Peterson Electric. LLC  was called out on a doorbell problem. It was stated that it was a very simple service call! Usually when this is stated, it is the total opposite.

How Do You Access The Doorbell Situation?

Upon arrival, Peterson Electric, LLC went directly to the panel. The panel had a char mark. It had appeared that something had sparked inside the panel to leave a marking on the outside of the panel. Below is a picture of what we saw, when we opened up the panel. This was very dangerous! I personally have not seen what this spark would looked like when it occurred, but the customer was pretty freak out. This happened due to the customer trying to get into the little access door on the cover of the panel, where a main disconnect would be installed, but wasn’t. Oops! Call us if you ever need to open your electrical panel.

What Are My Options For This Electrical Problem I created?

The lug was welded onto the conductor. There is no way to pull it apart. This is when it can become a difficult decision. To replace the lug, first it would have to be determined if you can buy a lug only or if the whole panel would have to be replaced? If lug is available, then it would have to be unbolted and the conductor trimmed off to reattach a new lug. Only can it be reattached if there is a loop for allowing extension of the conductor and the lug is able to detach from the panel. If the electrician who installed the panel didn’t leave a loop, then you have to pull a new conductor! Ouch! This can be very difficult and expensive.

Still Investigating the Doorbell Problem!

After fixing the panel, Peterson Electric, LLC proceeded to investigate why the doorbell was not working. In the basement, we found the doorbell disconnected. If you have a humidifier installed on the furnace, be careful that the tradesman doesn’t disconnected the doorbell to the power device. Oops again! What a bummer for the you to have a humidifier installed and it created another issue. The tradesman installing the humidifier assumed the power to the doorbell didn’t need to be hook up?

This is another example of the thoroughness and details a company should perform their work by. Peterson Electric, LLC is hired to help make your home or property improved not to create more problems!

Yes, we even made it back to the party on time! The guest didn’t arrive with the hosts gone!