Commercial Security Lights Installed For Safety

Safety Motion Security Lights Installed On Exterior Walls Of Commercial Building

Why would you install motion security lights? This is a good idea when you have areas that are dark outside & employees are accessing the area. Motion security lights sense a motion & then they turn on. This is good of someone is vandalizing an area or employees need security in a dark area. When the lights turn on it startles a person, if he or she think that someone is turning on light they then want to get out of the area.  It also saves on electricity bill because the lights only turn on when motion turns them on & stay on a brief period that you programmed, instead of being on all night long.

Where To Install

In Centennial, we installed motion security lights all the way around the trash area for a Recreation Center by running pipe & wires through the gutters system through the panel to the breakers. The request was for security lights around the outside of perimeter  for staff to have lighting come on when going to the trash area. It is about 300 foot of 1/2 inch conduit and probably 1,000 degree of bends. Now, all the switching is done through motion and dusk to dawn. When it is night time, the power sends through it then kicks on the motion if anyone walks by.

We can install motion security lights for commercial jobs & smaller jobs. Please contact us.

Extra Tidbit

Just a side tidbit to know is that commercial panels have a 3 phase panel, which is a “Y” system. It has a black, red, blue and white. In your house, you have a single phase, which does not have a blue. In commercial situation the 3 phase system runs more efficient than a personal house system. Motors last longer…