You Should Be Aware Of Lowest Electrical Bid!

How Does The Process Of Getting Bids To Install Electrical Power Happen?

Last month, Peterson Electric LLC was called out to bid a detached pole barn in Berthoud, Colorado. We walked the site with the owner and this was a pretty large job. We were bidding against 5 other electricians and needed to provide a full scope of work. Needless to say we were not awarded the bid, but odd enough we and one other electrical contractor were in the same ball park. Sobering enough! We followed up and found out that one electrician moved and shut down his business. The other two electricians were so low on their bids, that their cost didn’t even cover materials. The electrical contractor in the middle probably did it for cost. One of the electrical contractors who was awarded the bid stepped out of the job and didn’t want to wire it, probably because he bid it to low. Peterson Electric, LLC does provide a detailed thorough bid. We provide a bid that you will know what you are getting into as much as possible. We will install and complete your electrical job. We don’t bid your electrical to walk away. We want to build longevity relationships with our customers

You Should Beware Of The Lowest Electrical Bids!

Keep in mind when looking for a contractor, the “right contractor” that the lowest and even the middle bid is not always the right choice. In this life, you get what you pay for. Choosing the Right contractor is so important. If the contract is one page including pricing, beware! They maybe the lowest at first, but in the end you will owe them more. If you don’t pay, leans and collections, and ¬†as well as lawyer fees, will be on your door step.

When Peterson Electric, LLC wires for our electrical customers up and down the Front Range of Colorado, we bid to exact! We do not need to go back for more, unless of course the customer “changes his or her mind” to many times. Get a plan and stick to it! Make sure you are comparing apple to apples. Don’t compare a handyman or buddy to an electrician.