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Call Us: 720-641-8866
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Call Us: 970-599-1872
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Welcome To Peterson Electric

Peterson Electric, LLC is a family owned & operated electric contractor business serving from Fort Collins to Denver’s Front Range, in addition to the Central Mountains of Colorado. We have been in the electrician industry for over 15 years. Alisha and I have operated this company since 2005. We are licensed and insured electricians in Colorado.

Peterson Electric, LLC operates with utmost quality & integrity at affordable competitive electrical market rates. Peterson Electric, LLC abides by the NEC (National Electrical Code) to serve & protect our customer’s electrical needs in residential & commercial.

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Customer Reviews

large quotation markPeterson Electric services are excellent. Very Friendly, On time, Courteous and Dependable. Very knowledgeable and strive to serve your exact needs.

Plan to continue to use their Quality services in the future and highly recommend checking out their competitive pricing. Job Well Done! Thanks Joshua.

Stephanie Cruthers

The Littleton Real Estate Company

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Trusted Professionals

We’re not handymen. We currently hold a Journeyman’s, Master’s and Electrical Contractor’ licenses, and carry an A rating from the BBB.

We offer C.P.R. to our customers:

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