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From new construction to updating buildings for code compliance, we can help.

Here are just a few of the commercial projects that we can help with:

[ul class=”square”] [li]Lighting Retro Fitting For LED & Re-Lamp Bulbs & Ballasts Kits[/li] [li]Commercial Tenant Finishes[/li] [li]Oversized Hanging Light Fixtures From 5Lbs To 200Lbs In Ceilings As High As 30′[/li] [li]Light Poles From 10′ To 35′ & Wall Packs For Low & High Voltage Up To 600Volts[/li] [li]Wireless Switching & Energy Sensors[/li] [li]Neon & LED Signs, Wire Only. We Do Not Mount Or Move.[/li] [li]We Also Determine Your Kilowatt Demand By Using A Meter.[/li] [li]We Have An Electrical As Built Engineer That Completes All Of Our Prints.[/li] [li]Setting Transformers That Are Dry & Oil Based From 5Kva To 75Kva[/li] [li]Electrical Rewire For Flood & Fire Damage. We Have Experience![/li] [/ul] [/icon-column] [icon-column icon=”peterson/residential-icon.png” title=”Residential Electric” bigtitle=1]

No matter what your needs, we’re here to help. We can handle large and small jobs and

offer fair, competitive rates. Here are just some of the unique needs that we can meet:

[ul class=”square”] [li]Wiring Basements, Sub Pumps, & Sub-panels[/li] [li]Wiring For Spas, Jetted Tubs, Steam Rooms, Dry & Wet Saunas[/li] [li]Major Appliance Wiring & Electrial Die-Ice Melt Equipment For Gutter & Driveways[/li] [li]Historic Home Rewire & Remodel[/li] [li]Electrical Inspections, Reports, Consulting & CodeĀ InterpretationĀ [/li] [li]Aluminum & Copper Pigtail Splicing[/li] [li]Service Changes For FPE & Zinsco Panels & All Brands Or Ampacity[/li] [li]Tracing Cut Feeders & Branch Circuits Underground[/li] [li]Low Voltage Wiring For LED, Halogen & Fluorescent Lighting Outside To Kitchen Cabinets[/li] [li]Wireless Switching, Radio Raw, Lutron, X-10 Pro & Lightning Switch[/li] [li]Electrical Base, Cove & Mobile Heaters, Also A/C, Swap Coolers & Window Units[/li] [li]Ceiling Fans, Lighting Design For Inside & Outside[/li] [li]Wiring For Ponds, Pumps, Patios, Sun-Rooms, Landscape Lighting & Pergola[/li] [li]Cabins & Custom Homes[/li] [li]Solar PV Grid-Tied Systems With Micro-Inverters. No Financing Available![/li]


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Need a new, go-to electrical contractor to maintain and service your properties’ electrical systems. Peterson Electric can do it all, protecting your properties, and staying within your budget.

[li]We Service 24/7 & Offer Emergency Hours From 5pm to 2am.[/li] [li]We Offer HOA Services For Parking Lot Lights & Wall Packs.[/li] [li]We Offer Service Calls Up To 7pm At Night, (Straight Time) For Scheduled Appointments.[/li] [li]We Are A 1 Stop Shop, For Our Service Calls. Typically, Our Sprinter Van Holds Most Materials.[/li] [li]We Are Licensed, Insured & LBP Certified. We Know City Codes For Electrical Rental & Building Codes.[/li] [li]We Work Directly With YOU To Meet Your Tenants & Owners Needs On Scheduling & Service.[/li] [li]We Provide Detailed Invoicing with Inspection Reports & Estimates. (If Needed).[/li] [li]We Attend Property Management Meetings To Stay Updated & Offer Trade Knowledge At Vendor Shows.[/li] [li]We Are Well Educated & Versed At Aluminum Wiring, FPE Panels, Smoke/Carb Detectors, GFCI & Open Splicing.[/li] [li]We Have Over Two Thousand Dollars Invested In Tracing Tools.[/li] [li]If Needed, We Can Schedule In Two Electricians. Typically, We Do Most Service With Only One Electrician.[/li] [/icon-column] [/row]